Who we are

Rebekah (Starlet Lace) started out raising dairy goats as a 4H project, in the middle of the Bay Area in California - it took more than a year of begging for her city borned parents to let her get livestock. (Not sure even they knew how far it would take me)  Twenty plus years into the project and she see no slowing down anytime soon. 
Ben's Bearly alpines, both Purebred and American, started in foothills of the Blue Ridge, adjacent to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, an area renowned for its high density of black bears. The slow movement westward has been over almost 10 years but now they reside on the west coast entirely. 

Since combining herds, we've lived the great adventure up and down the west coast including parts of California and Oregon. Living and working on multiple commercial dairies have given us the chance to milk many goats and define our selection of animals. 

Currently the herd is a mixture of Bearly alpines, Starlet Lace lamanchas, and saanens from both herds. The herd management is focused on productive does who can work well in a commercial or home setting with a strong eye for style, correctness, sustained lactations all without the need to be micromanaged.  We use data from Linear Appraisal, DHIR testing, and casein genotyping to aid in our selection of producing animals with long productive lactations with good components. 

Our success is seen when you look at the elite list. Our Saanens are #1 and #2 elite bucks in the country in 2022. Alpine bucks we have breed or proven out fill out the Alpine elite list. We have Lamanchas, Alpines, and Saanens on the breed leader list. We continue to push for top production genetics, because a true dairy goat needs to be able to milk. 

Email:  starletlace (at) gmail (dot) com

What We Believe

First, dairy goats should milk. We milk all year and we use elite lists, top ten, PTA, DHI, and all other data to aim for those types of animals. We also have full time off the farm jobs to pay for goats, so they should be able to milk without needing their hoof held at every turn. 

We love helping the youth in dairy goats. Getting the best animals we can into the the hands of motivated youth is the way that agriculture is going to stay in around. We both came up through 4H and we would not be where we are without the kindness of those who came before us.

Raising goats takes a community and goat people are the best people. If you are new to goats, you are in for a treat. I hope that you encounter the best people. If you are looking for help for first starting out in DHI, I am happy to help where I can. Discounts are made to herds established on DHI because without the rest of the team, we cannot prove out bucks. 

Youth Buck Offer

Put your money where your mouth is right? Every year I offer a high quality buck to a youth owner for $150. Which buck is available varies from year to year but only bucks I'm proud to register leave the property. Dams with Linear scores and Milk Records. You can read all about how and why here (or click the button below to see the long explaination) 

Feel free to email me for any more information. 

Capay Valley, CA
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