You can find the saanen does on this page, including animals with both the Starlet Lace and Bearly herdname

You can find the saanen bucks on the buck page here

The gentle and calm members of the herd, always eating and milking their hearts out 

In 2021 we began using imported semen from the Netherlands. We are extremely excited to bring these dairy genetics into our herd as the does there are known for their outstanding production. Currently ADGA has not recognized these bucks, and while there is always hope that they will, even if they don't we are confident that breeding a better dairy animal is worth the pursuit. 

If you are interested in the animals we are using, bucks with supporting pedigrees are listed on the Dutch website ( If you are interested in animals from these breedings, feel free to get in touch. The bucks will not have and ADGA reg and the does will only have part of one, but we are excited to see where this project takes us and what the offspring look like. 

Starlet Lace Comet Karasi EX 92

Pictured 2yr old Aug2020

Birth date: 5/1/18 

S: CGS Grasshill Xmas Comet 
       SS: CGS Grasshill KP Cloverleaf
       SD: CGS Grasshill Narrator Xmas 

 D: SG Starlet Lace Tusk Eysell 3*M 
       DS: SGCH North-Coast Ivory Tusk ++*B
       DD: SG Starlet Lace Auric Bianchetta *Breed Leader*

Bearly Eleryx Balestra  EX 93

Born 3/29/2017 Pedigree
Pictured 3yr old Oct 2020

S: Tempo Passa Eleryx
SS: Tempo Passa Eyrx
SD:SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Elenwe  EX 91

D: SGCH Willow Lane Balentine  EX 93
DS: SG Cisco DRL Julianna Mint
DD: SG Willow Lane Bamboo

Starlet Lace Bryn Ranine VG 87

Pictured 2yr old March 2021
Birth date: 4/5/19

S: Ranea Bryn Terfel 
   SS: SGCH Companeros Hallelujah Standard
   SD: SG Washoe-Zephyr Breowan
D: SG Ranea Raita 
    DS: SG des-Ruhigestelle Eclipse 
    DD: Ranea Onyx Raina 

Bearly Katsano Piper  VG 89

Pictured 2yr old Sept 2021
Birth date: 3/20/19 Pedigree

S: Starlet Lace ET Equus Katsano
SS: ++B SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Equus
SD: SG Starlet Lace Eclipse Horchata

D: Bearly Deblin Pippa
DS: Caprikorn Starby Deblin
DD: unregistered

Bearly Katsano Cymbeline  VG 89

Pictured 2yr old Sept 2021
Birth date: 4/8/2019 Pedigree

S: Starlet Lace ET Equus Katsano
SS: ++B SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Equus
SD: SG Starlet Lace Eclipse Horchata

D: SG Bearly Deblin Calypso VG 89
DS: SG Caprikorn Starby Deblin 
DD: SGCH White Whale Calipso EX 92

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