Most of our bucks have been collected - feel free to email for any information about purchasing straws. 

Philosophy = we practice sire selection. This means we put immense effort into selecting the best animals so that any "pairing" will work out positively. Our goals for high production animals is reflected in our buck selection. If you need a photo of someone,email or message me, I probably have one. 

Alpine bucks used  live 2022

Bearly Regent Anton - Pedigree

Bearly Wahoo Anvil (purebred) Pedigree

Bearly Vanguard Artois (purebred) - Pedigree

Clovertop's Tex - Pedigree

Bearly Artois Noodleboy - Pedigree

Saanen bucks used live 2022

Sherry's Secret Siber - Pedigree

Starlet Lace ET Equus Katsano - Pedigree

Starlet Lace Siber Moscato - Pedigree

Caprikorn LS Noztar - Pedigree

Bearly Hops Cyrano - Pedigree

Lamancha bucks used live 2022

Starlet Lace Doc Kopernikus - Pedigree

Starlet Lace Courage Graphite- Pedigree

Starlet Lace Raider Mithros (grey baby buck pictured above) - Pedigree  

Starlet Lace Liberty Phlox - Pedigree

Starlet Lace Liberty Pauling - Pedigree

Capay Valley, CA
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